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Hands On Maintenance specialises in offering handyman services for Private Property Owners, Property Developers, Estate Agents and Landlords in the North London area of Barnet.
As a handymen I also have expertise in plumbing and electrical services.

Property Repairs and Maintenance for North London Homes and Businesses

At both homes and offices there are often many things which require repair and maintenance work. These everyday property problems, can be very annoying and might even decrease the value of your property.

That said, most of these tasks require expertise and it can be very difficult to learn about doing repairs if you are too busy looking after your own professional interests and home life.

Why not have one of Hands on Maintenance handle the odds jobs you never seem to find the time to sort out?

As a handymen I will make sure that anything which is broken, falling apart, loose or wobbly is fixed, working properly and fitted securely. I will also move any fitting or appliance which is in the wrong place and do any installation and assembly which is needed.

Hands On Maintenance covers the location in North London & Barnet, to do all the property repairs you require. Whether you need help installing appliances and fittings in your new home or office, or you need help assembling new furniture, decorating or putting up shelves at your current property, we will make sure that all niggling issues are sorted out.

Our Handymen Can Help You with:

  • Putting Up Shelving :
I install shelves for property owners, developers, estate agents and landlords. The shelves can be a large unit for items such as TVs, or a simple hanging shelf on your wall to place small objects and flower pots. Give us a call to describe what it is that you need and we will give you an estimate for the job. We cover Barnet and other areas in North London.
  • Hanging Pictures and Blinds
I also install pictures frames for homes and offices. The size of the frames is not the problem, as we can manage all sizes. We do quality work, and we do not create cracks on the wall or chip paint of the wall. Give us a call with the size and make of the frame and we can give you an instant quote on how much it will cost to have the frame hung.
My handyman services also include installing blinds for your office or homes in and around Barnet. Blinds are a good alternative to curtains, as they are easy to clean and do not absorb as much dust as normal curtains. As a handymen I have experience in installing blinds for windows in and around the Barnet area. Give me a call with the windows size and the type of blind you have, and we will be able to give you an estimate of the price and the duration it will take to complete the installation.
  • Wallpapering
Wallpapering is a good alternative to painting your walls. It gives stunning look, and you will find all sorts of designs to suit your taste. All you need to do is to give mecall and I will come to measure the size of the room that needs wallpapering. I will then be able to give you a quote on the job, together with the duration to complete the wallpapering.

As a Handyman I am experienced decorating tasks such as hanging flat screen TVs. I will install the wall mount and hang the TV, making sure that everything works as it should and that all unsightly wires are hidden in the walls. I will also ensure that the area looks neat and tidy after the job is done.
  • Carpentry

I also do carpentry repairs, such as fixing any locks, hinges and handles which are loose, broken or squeaky. I can also make sure that your doors close properly, that they do no longer become stuck and that they are correctly fitted to the door frame.

Hands On Maintenance in Barnet can also help you if you have a cupboard, desk, crib or any other piece of furniture which has been bought as a flat pack and needs to be assembled. We are experienced in doing flat pack assembly and have built furniture from various manufacturers for many of our clients throughout London.

Whatever your property maintenance or general repair needs Hands On Maintenance will make sure that whatever is broken will be fixed and that whatever looks untidy will be made to look neat and professional.

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For more information on my handyman services in and around Barnet, call me now or message me.